BioMax MR Film

BioMax MR is a single emulsion film that provides maximum resolution and sensitivity for detection of 35 S, 33 P, and 14 C labeled samples. BioMax MR enables improved scanning for clearer autoradiograms and offers improved detection using our “T-grain” emulsion technology. This leading autoradiography film sets the standard for life science imaging, can be processed manually or automatically, and is suitable for chemiluminescent detection.

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Maximum Resolution

A state-of-the-art emulsion coated on a single side of a clear support produces maximum resolution and background clarity in the detection of all labels, making overall reading of sequencing gels easier and more accurate. BioMax MR Film also provides maximum resolution for direct detection of 32 P labeled samples, delivering sharper, crisper band responses that allow you to see exceptionally fine detail.

Increased Sensitivity, Improved Detection

"T-grain" emulsion technology enables BioMax MR Film to provide a two-fold to four-fold increase in sensitivity compared to other films in the detection of 35 S, 33 P, and 14 C labeled samples, while offering maximum resolution that results in improved detection of low-intensity bands.

Improved Scanning

BioMax MR Film's clear background and outstanding resolution enhances the digital scanning of most autoradiograms.

Suitable for Chemiluminescent Detection

BioMax MR film is also suitable for detection of most chemiluminescent labeled samples. Although not as sensitive as BioMax Light film , BioMax MR film offers maximum resolution and is the recommended film for western chemiluminescent application where exposures are relatively short.



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