INSIGHT Thoracic Imaging Film

Capture low- and high-density anatomical structures in one exposure. INSIGHT Thoracic Imaging Film captures and displays a full range of contrast tones for low- and high-density anatomical structures―lung parenchyma to mediastinum―on a single sheet of film.  Asymmetric emulsion/screen design provides a balance of exposure contrast levels that increase diagnostic confidence and decrease the amount of examinations, without compromising anatomical visualization.

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INSIGHT thoracic imaging film is used in INSIGHT thoracic imaging systems to: 

  • Increase the quality and volume of information available for diagnosis
  • Increase confidence for interpreting that information
  • Decrease the number of repeat examinations

Zero-crossover film technology and asymmetric film emulsion/screen pairings allow these systems to capture two distinct images with one exposure.

  • An image optimized to display lung parenchyma is captured on one side of the film.
  • An image optimized to satisfy exposure parameters for mediastinum, retrocardiac, and sub-diaphragmatic anatomy is captured on the other side.

This asymmetric emulsion/screen design provides a full balance of exposure contrast levels (compared to conventional rare-earth film-screen combinations) without compromising anatomical visualization. On the viewbox, the two resultant images are perfectly aligned on one film due to excellent film-screen contact and strict manufacturing specifications.



Available Sizes