Film Solutions for Specialty Markets

INSIGHT Films for Pediatrics and Thoracic Imaging

INSIGHT Pediatric Imaging Film.
Provide a choice of three speed levels to accommodate the detail requirements of any pediatric examination.

INSIGHT Pediatric Imaging Screens
For high spatial resolution and low noise. High speed application: neonatal anatomical structures. Medium speed, includes INSIGHT pediatric detail imaging screens, use for serious bone conditions and precancerous breakdowns of bone. Low speed: trauma and traumatic abuse, includes INSIGHT pediatric ultra-detail imaging screens.

INSIGHT Thoracic Imaging Film 
Thoracic Imaging Film captures and displays a full range of contrast tones for low- and high-density anatomical structures from lung parenchyma to mediastinum on a single sheet of film.

INSIGHT Thoracic Imaging Screens
Asymmetric film/emulsion screen pairings enable these systems to capture two distinct images with one exposure and provides a full balance of exposure contrast levels (compared to rare-earth screens).

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