INDUSTREX M37 Plus Processor

The tabletop INDUSTREX M37 Plus is ideal for automatic processing in mid-volume facilities. While compact, it offers the output you need and the excellent image quality and reliability you demand.

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The INDUSTREX M37 Plus processor feature set includes:

  • Ease of operation with nine programmable-controlled processing channels
  • Economical medium-range processor with capacity of 33 sheets/hour (35cmX43cm) in the recommended processing cycle
  • Process films up to 43cm wide
  • Compact design for smaller labs or environments
  • Comes with a table stand as standard
  • Filtered developer solution that reduce film artifacts
  • Intermediate rinse rack bath system
  • Can be used in stand-alone darkroom or through-the-wall installations
  • Automatic film-in detection utilizing a pulsed infra-red sensor bar
  • Automatic chemicals replenishment system for developer and fixer
  • Automatic heating for developer and fixer
  • Automatic anti-oxidation and anti-crystallization cycles
  • Separate drainage for developer, fixer and wash chemicals