Customer Testimonials

“This service delivers a long list of benefits including use of automated ordering for better inventory control and reduced staff time on film-related activities. And the cost savings is significant. I would definitely recommend this service to other imaging facilities”.
-Aaron Hatcher, General Manager of Operations, Benson Radiology of Adelaide, Australia

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"The MPS program is the right direction for healthcare facilities as we manage the growing need for diagnostic services."
- Chief Radiographer, Ms. Hajmath Begum of MEDICAL IMAGING PTE LTD

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Chief Radiographer, Ms. Hajmath Begum, Singapore


“Everything has become extremely simple and accessible to all our staff. I would definitely recommend this service to others involved in healthcare.”
- Dr. Pascal Hauet, Partner Radiologist, Paris Radiology Office of Dr. Hauet and Dr. Lunel, France

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Paris Radiology Office of Dr. Hauet and Dr. Lunel, France


“I recommend MPS to all radiologists, whether they have their own printer or not. “
Gregorio Mayor, of Mayor Gallego Radiological Clinic

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Mayor Gallego Radiological Clinic, Spain


“We are on track to save 20% a year with MPS and we have the added convenience of having one company to call. Our radiologists and physicians are also very pleased with the image quality.”
Lee Gemmill, RT, (R), MR

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The Community Open MRI Group, Indiana, USA


“We are on track to save $10,000 a year in staff time. We have also improved our cash flow because we are not ordering film that is sitting on a shelf for weeks or possibly longer.”
- Martin Cox - COO Southern Radiology Group

Read the full Testimonial,   CARESTREAM Managed Print Solutions Saves Time and Money for Southern Radiology Imaging Centres (PDF)
Southern Radiology Group, Sydney, Australia


"Carestream’s Managed Print Solutions allows us to better manage inventory and invoicing through a private web portal. It also eliminates separate invoicing for service and supplies, which further enhances staff efficiency and trims costs.”
- Dan Peterson, Director of Service, Center for Diagnostic Imaging, Minneapolis, Minn.