Carestream Developer and Replenisher


X-OMAT LE+ Developer and Replenisher

Reduced Odor and Waste

Designed for standard and rapid processing with T-GRAIN Emulsion films, X-OMAT LE+ Developer and Replenisher is easier on the environment, easier to use and easier to mix than other developers.

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X-OMAT LE+ Developer and Replenisher

Features and Specifications

Image Quality
  • Yields excellent images with consistent results from film to film.
Easy to Use
  • No starter solution required, just one concentrate and water for fast, easy mixing.
  • Excellent stability reduces processing downtime with sensitometry changes.
Environmentally Friendly
  • Gluteraldehyde-free formulation. Lower replenishment requirement reduces processing effluent and packing waste.
  • A convenient one-part liquid concentrate mix
  • 40 liters of developer solution.
  • X-SIGHT films and T-MAT films for general radiography
  • IN SIGHT films for application-specific imaging
  • Digital Science films for laser imaging
  • EC films for oncology
Technical Information
  • pH (at 80°F / 27°C) 10.75 to 10.85
  • Specific Gravity (at 70°F / 21°C) 1.073 to 1.083
Replenishment Rates
  • Film Type Film Volume Rate
  • General Replenishment Rate per 35 x 43 cm Film
  • Low 100 ml