Carestream Developer and Replenisher


RP X-OMAT Developer and Replenisher

A Single High Performance Developer for All Your Diagnostic Films

Meet our highest-quality, most versatile diagnostic film developer, suitable for both rapid and standard processing. Specially formulated for superb results with films for:

  • General radiography
  • Laser imaging
  • Application-specific imaging, oncology and mammography
  • Compatible with other manufacturers’ general radiography films.
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RP X-OMAT Developer and Replenisher

Features and Specifications

  • Recommended for all Carestream diagnostic films to simplify developer inventory and standardize processing techniques
  • Promotes consistency when newly mixed developer is added to existing solution and offers a two-year shelf life to allow purchase in bulk to cut costs
  • RP X-OMAT Developer and Replenisher has lower chemistry and disposal costs and less waste.
  • Three-part liquid concentrate mix provides 10 gallons of developer solution.
Technical Information
  • pH (at 80°F / 27°C) 10.22 to 10.38
  • Specific Gravity (at 70°F / 21°C) 1.081 to 1.091
Replenishment Rates
  • General and Laser Replenishment Rate per 35 x 43 cm Film
  • High 60 ml
  • Medium 80 ml
  • Low 100 ml
Mammography Replenishment Rate per 18 x 24 cm Film
  • Min-R EV/Min-R 2000 Plus/Min-R S Low, Medium and High 30-35 ml