Carestream DRX-Excel System


DRX-Excel System*

Fluoroscopy and Radiology – Combined! 

Designed specifically to provide affordable versatility for smaller hospitals and imaging centers, the DRX-Excel System* gives you capabilities for both general radiography and Fluoroscopy exams in a single system and at a very attractive price. The system is also available in a choice of two models to match your needs and workflow.

  • A conventional configuration, utilizing film or CR cassettes or our wireless DRX-Detector for radiology and an image intensifier for the fluoroscopy exam
  • A dRF configuration, with a single flat-panel digital detector for both RAD and fluoroscopy.

* Not available in North America

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A Two-in-One Solution.

The DRX-Excel’s feature set delivers imaging performance of the highest order. Ergonomic design helps ensure patient comfort and user productivity. A focus on efficient system operation accelerates workflow. And high-resolution image capture and processing support excellent image quality and fast, accurate diagnoses.

Superior SID Range

Extensive SID capability exceeds competitors, acquiring images at any distance between 110 to 180 cm


Motorized movement of tube and column accelerates workflow.

Ease of Use

The console features a large color touch-screen and intuitive controls. It integrates all table movements, generator settings and APR functions into a single, efficient interface. 

Features and Specifications

Image Quality
  • Dynamic flat-panel in-table detector combines high spatial resolution and detail for fluoroscopic studies, general radiology and bone exams
  • Image intensifier or a high-resolution CCD camera maximize image quality during fluoroscopy.
  • Prior image review including techniques and exposure history by using query/retrieve from PACS.
Patient Care
  • Table offers the lowest fixed-table minimal height in the industry making it accessible, even for wheelchair patients.
  • Table features a 265kg weight capacity to accommodate heavier patients.
  • DAP measurements allow tracking of the exact radiation dose received by each patient.
  • Relaxing ambient lighting and selectable music maximize patient comfort.
  • Fully motorized, easy-to-use compression for abdominal and other exams.
  • +90/- 30 degree tilting to enable all exam types
  • Control system operation remotely or right at patient’s side.
  • Auto positioning, as a function of extensive anatomical programs, facilitates faster exam set-up times
  • Patient overage of 196cm allows full exploration of even very tall individuals without repositioning
  • Optional, sharable DRX Detector offers the power of the X-Factor and allows easy positioning for cross-table and weight-bearing exams.
  • Full system access from every side for easier patient transfer and faster workflow.
DRX-Excel System

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