Mammography Workstation

Carestream Health, a leader in mammography imaging, offers complete end-to-end solutions for digital mammography. We understand the demanding workflow needs of mammography professionals and have developed a standards-based mammography workstation that is scalable and configurable.

MX Mammography WorkstationOur mammography workstation …

• Has an open architecture and allows integration with digitized priors, CR, FFDM, US, MR, and other modalities from most manufacturers.

• Provides multi-modality breast imaging for high-resolution viewing of all digital mammography exams. Capture, view, manage, archive, and safeguard your digital images and information with us.

• Brings the power and productivity of PACS to digital breast imaging with a system designed to suit all mammography customer’s size and workflow.

• Supports both screening and diagnostic workflow and is scalable from a standalone implementation to a system serving a large mammography workgroup. Our Mammography Workstation allows you to view, manage, and store images from multiple sources, including FFDM, CAD, CR mammography, breast MR, breast ultrasound, digitized films, and general radiography modalities.

There are also optional features for CARESTREAM PACS that deliver specialized functionality to help facilitate the productive viewing and management of mammography exams.

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