Mammography RIS

The radiology information system (RIS) has emerged as a critical component of today’s digital mammography suite. Carestream Health, a leader in mammography imaging, understands the demanding workflow and information management needs required for successful mammography RIS implementations.

Mammography RISDesigned to improve efficiency and effectiveness, CARESTREAM mammography RIS is the new standard in high-performance, workflow-efficient mammography information systems. CARESTREAM RIS is …

• Designed for users in the radiology departments of community hospitals, regional medical centers and larger free standing imaging centers/clinics. It provides unparalleled speed of navigation, simplicity of design, and total system flexibility—while managing every step of the patient journey through mammography screening.

• Standards-based, with an open architecture that is scalable and configurable. It allows integration with CARESTREAM Mammography PACS, with digitized priors, CR, FFDM, US, MR, and other modalities from most manufacturers.

• Customizable and capable of managing all the necessary steps in the workflow process throughout a busy diagnostic imaging department or healthcare network. It has a user-friendly graphical user interface with added emphasis on flexibility, security, and quality.

Our mammography RIS provides efficiency and productivity while maintaining access to important patient information: single-click access to critical information, visual work indicators.

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