Carestream’s New DRYVIEW 5950 Laser Imaging System Available for Order 

Tabletop Laser Imager for General Radiology, Mammography Imaging Applications

Mumbai, India, March, 2013 — Carestream launched its new DRYVIEW 5950 Laser Imaging System which is now available for order in India. The advanced imager produces 508 pixels-per-inch output for general radiology and mammography images.   

The new imager can support efficient printing and time-saving film cartridges that can benefit healthcare providers of all sizes in India. The DRYVIEW 5950 laser imager also can deliver an enhanced quality control system for mammography images.

This innovative internal quality control system that includes a built-in densitometer will produce test prints and display data needed to support mammography quality control charting—which can eliminate the need for an external densitometer and can greatly reduce the time required for mammography quality control.        

Carestream’s imager offers DICOM connectivity and can be used to output images from a PACS network or from any DICOM modality. Carestream’s Smart Link remote technology solutions can remotely provide software updates and enables real-time response and analysis of service issues from a remote location.   

The DRYVIEW 5950 laser imager will offer two film cartridges on-line and will support five film sizes: 14 x 17 inch (35 x 43 cm), 14 x 14 inch (35 x 35 cm), 11 x 14 inch (28 x 35 cm), 10 x 12 inch (25 x 30 cm) and 8 x 10 inch (20 x 25 cm). Daylight-loading film cartridges make changing sizes fast and easy, and the imager can output up to 110 films per hour for 8 x 10 inch images.

This new imager complements Carestream’s family of printers which currently includes: DRYVIEW 6850 Laser Imaging System, DRYVIEW 5700 Laser Imaging System and DRYVIEW Chroma Imaging System.

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