Robust DR software platform for Carestream Health DR Systems

DR SoftwareCarestream Health DirectView DR Systems are synonymous with workflow-enhancing productivity and outstanding image quality. Our Version 5 DR software takes DirectView System ease-of-use, reliability and performance to a new level.

Version 5 DR software is available with new DirectView System installations and as an upgrade to existing systems. It adds an array of new and improved capabilities that enhance productivity, performance, and ROI for healthcare providers of all sizes and complexities.

Version 5 DR Software Features
• Enhanced customization—Allows systems to be easily configured to the needs of the facility and the unique preferences of the users.

• EVP Plus Image Processing—New advanced image processing puts the power of optimizing image processing in users’ hands. This new EVP Plus Image Processing is designed with a number of time-saving features that reduce capture set up times, as well as elevate the overall quality of the image output.

• Improved workflow and productivity—Ease-of-use features enhance hospital and clinic productivity and increase patient throughput and satisfaction.

• Improved interconnectivity—Enhanced connectivity capabilities help improve compatibility across multiple “upstream” and “downstream” networked devices.

• Reduced service costs—Online context-sensitive HELP feature and improved service diagnostics result in more system uptime and fewer on-site repair calls.

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