INDUSTREX High Speed HS800 Film

Carestream Health’s highest speed industrial x-ray film, INDUSTREX HS 800 Film, is also our most versatile NDT film. Ideal for bridge and road inspection, one film works with any exposure method—direct x-ray or screens. Combined with LANEX Fast Screens, HS800 Film offers more speed than any NDT film-screen combination available. T-GRAIN Emulsion technology ensures high contrast. This medium-grain film can be processed in automatic processing chemicals in the short 5-minute cycle.

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Recommended Accessory - LANEX Fast Screen
Combined with LANEX Fast Screens, HS800 Film offers high speed and high contrast in visible light exposure conditions. LANEX Fast Screens are provided in sets of asymmetrical pairs. The phosphor coverage of the non-tube-side screen is more than twice that of the tube-side screen. This allows for equal light output from each of the screens during exposure. The screen base is a 7-mil reflective polyester support. Recommended for use with INDUSTREX HS800 Film indirect x-ray exposure applications. (Catalog no. 1160688)