Carestream DRX-Evolution Plus


CARESTREAM DRX-Evolution Plus System

See X-ray Imaging in a Dramatic New Light. 

Since its introduction, our flagship DRX-Evolution Plus has set a benchmark for X-ray room imaging performance. Today, it still offers modular design to fit your individual space, workflow and budget. But at Carestream, imaging innovation is not a goal – it’s an ongoing process. We've continually added features to keep the Evolution Plus on the leading edge, including:

  • The new AI-based Smart Noise Cancellation Option cancels noise for superb image quality.
  • Advanced Smart Room Features automate tasks and workflow steps to streamline processes, support radiographer productivity, save time and enhance patient care.
  • Our future-friendly, modular design can grow with your needs.
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DRX Detectors

The Right Detector for Every Facility

Carestream offers a broad selection of DR detectors. It includes wireless, shareable, fixed, and now glass-free models to meet your demands based on exam type, detector size, dosage level and budget.

The Power of Eclipse

Our software, powered by Eclipse, delivers measurable results through Imaging Intelligence, Workflow Intelligence and Analytical Intelligence.

  • Imaging Intelligence provides robust processing and images of optimal quality while reducing errors.
  • Workflow Intelligence automates manual tasks to streamline processes, support technologist productivity, and save time and money.
  • Analytic Intelligence leverages predictive dashboards for analysis of operational, business and clinical performance.
Eclipse Image Processing Software
Pediatric Solutions

Pediatric Solutions

You always want the best diagnostic images possible at the lowest dose achievable, especially when the patient is a child. That’s why Carestream developed our pediatric X-ray solutions.

  • Removable grids
  • Low-absorption exam tabletops
  • Filter wheels in the tube head to provide additional X-ray filtration

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Features and Specifications

Additional Features
  • Advanced pediatric capabilities include specialized software and a table that adjusts low enough for small children and an extended tube column to reach feet an ankles easily
  • Tube touch-screen – allowing users to change techniques and view images from the tube
  • Choose a one-, two- or three detector option to perform many types of imaging exams, including tabletop and long-length imagingUnique wallstand Bucky-angulation feature facilitates easier positioning
High-Performance Table
  • Extra-heavy-duty table for patients up to 705 lbs. (320 kg).
  • Four-way floating top for easier patient positioning.
  • Table movement initiated through double-tap foot pedals for enhanced safety.
Choice of Overhead Tubes
  • Our Motorized Overhead Tube offers preprogrammed tube and Bucky positions, generator and collimator settings to maximize efficiency
  • Motorized OTC also features auto-positioning and auto-centering to accelerate table or wall stand procedures
  • Carestream’s Non-Motorized Overhead Tube monitors exams accurately and at a glance with color LCD’s, self-righting display of techniques key data including SID and more
  • Simple collimator controls are positioned for easy adjustment
Convenient System Control
  • The Evolution Plus features an operator console flexible user interface, with touch screen control, customized to match clinical workflow
  • Console supports Automated Procedure Recognition (APR) as well as workflow protocols such as DxIOD, IHE Scheduled Workflow, IHE Consistent Presentation of Images and IHE Dose Reporting
  • Optional Auto Long-Length Imaging allows capture of vertebral and long-bone images with automatic alignment — capturing and stitching the images for speed and efficiency
  • Transbay Option allows a non-motorized overhead tube and the DRX Detector, paired with 3longitudinal rails, to provide rapid imaging in facilities with multiple trauma-bay configurations.
  • Our Dual Energy Technology switches between high and low energy exposures, using a patented differentiation filtration to capture two image is succession — a soft tissue only image and a bone only image.
  • Digital Tomosynthesis Software acquires a series of images from  different angles that are analyzed to provide depth information and separate structures — allowing detection of subtle features difficult to visualize in traditional 2D radiographs.

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