Carestream Vita Flex


Vita Flex CR System

Compact, flexible and affordable computed radiography

Vita Flex CR Systems are designed for small-to-midsize hospitals, clinics and practices that need compact digital solutions at an affordable price. With three options for throughput speeds, these systems offer in-house, high-quality digital imaging to fit your workflow.

  • Smaller size and weight
  • Multiple throughputs to choose from (30/45/60 PPH)
  • Ability to be positioned for horizontal or vertical feeds
  • Options include a Dental Panoramic Kit for dental imaging and Long-length Imaging System for high-quality long-bone capture.
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Vita Flex CR System for Vets

Vita Flex CR System for Vets

The Vita Flex CR System, combined with CARESTREAM Image Suite software, delivers a compact, custom-designed solution for veterinary applications. So now, you can go digital with confidence.

  • Fast and easy to use
  • Provides superb image quality and boosts productivity
  • Offers a highly affordable price
  • Accommodates a wide range of throughput speeds
  • Uses Image Suite Software with a full suite of veterinary measurement tools

An Easy Upgrade From Film to Digital.

Meet the CARESTREAM Vita Flex CR System – designed specifically for facilities like yours. It delivers high-quality digital images to speed workflow and improve patient care, and offers a range of throughput rates to match your needs.


Position Vita Flex horizontally or vertically – whichever fits your space the best.


If the Vita Flex needs service, you can generally fix it yourself with easy-to-install field replaceable units – no tools or technical skill needed. 

The Power of Image Suite Software

Image Suite is powered by Eclipse to provide high-quality images.  This robust software offers an easy-to-use, touch-friendly interface custom designed for veterinary use. Our advanced "mini-PACS" module offers a complete solution for scheduling, image capture, reading and reporting tools as well as archiving.

Features and Specifications

High-Quality Images
  • Upgrade to superb digital images.
  • Utilize custom measurement tools for improved diagnostic confidence
  • Utilize powerful analysis tools in the software to improve diagnostics.
  • Fine-tune image processing using simple slide bars to adjust brightness, contrast or detail from the acquisition screen.
  • Go digital without breaking the bank.
  • Low operating and maintenance costs save money over time.
  • Save money by eliminating consumables associated with film.
Speed and Workflow Improvements
  • Choose the throughput rate that best suits your needs. (30, 45 or 60 PPH).
  • Significantly improve your workflow and speed exam time over film.
  • Prior image review including techniques and exposure history by using query/retrieve from PACS.
  • Select from multiple cassette sizes.
  • Handle all major exam types with confidence.
  • Dental Panoramic Kit option allows fast and accurate dental imaging.
  • Long-length Imaging System enables flexible, high-quality long-bone image capture.
Vita Flex CR System

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