Film Accessories

Carestream provides a variety of dental film accessories to help streamline the workflow and make your practice more efficient. Choose from our range of dental film accessories—Roller Transport Clean Up film, Chemical Recovery cartridges, syringes for Cook-Waite products and X-OMAT Screen Cleaner—to enhance your productivity.

Dental Film Accessories
Features and Benefits

GBX-2 Safelight Filters

The GBX-2 (ruby red) is a universal safelight filter that can be used in dental darkrooms where both intraoral and extraoral film are processed.

It may also be used in darkrooms where manual processing is performed, provided that film handling under safelight conditions is limited to approximately 2 1/2 minutes. Frosted bulb of 15 watts or less should be used in the safelight, which should be at least 4 feet (1.2 m) from the film.

Available in multiple sizes.

Roller Transport Cleanup Film

Maintain your automatic, roller-type processors with this roller transport cleanup film. It removes precipitates, dirt, and other materials that may be deposited on the transport mechanism. Use only once, then discard.

Chemical Recovery Cartridge

These innovative cartridges provide an inexpensive and efficient means of recovering silver from photographic solutions.

X-OMAT 2 Dental Duplicating Film

X-OMAT 2 Dental Duplicating film is available in multiple sizes for both extraoral and intraoral X-ray duplication. The film can be exposed using UV light from available duplicators or white light.

Screen Cleaner

A liquid solution for cleaning and treating intensifying screens. Simply apply with gauze pad and wipe the screen clean. Complete cleaning instructions included.