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CARESTREAM Touch Prime Ultrasound System

A revolutionary combination of touch and sound.

With a configurable, All-Touch control panel like nothing
the industry has ever seen, The Touch Prime offers
a new level of intuitive operation, innovative productivity
tools and powerful processing. The result is an all-new
level of efficiency and image quality and increased
frame rates for improved visualization. 

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System Features

Advanced Ergonomic Design
  • Configurable all-touch control panel to allow positioning of soft keys according to sonographer preference and comfort
  • Control panel that slides horizontally and swivels for flexibility in positioning and comfort
  • Easy up/down height adjustment
  • Monitor grip for one-hand positioning
  • Articulating monitor arm includes up and down, left and right and tilt
  • Foot pedal with wheel lock, unlock and steer modes
  • Footrest for additional comfort while scanning
  • Storage bins to hold the essentials for any procedure 
Improving the Ergonomic Workstation: An Innovative Ultrasound
System - White Paper (PDF)

Questions to Ask When Purchasing an Ultrasound System (PDF)  

Ergonomics Using the CARESTREAM
Touch Prime Ultrasound System


Image Quality


Clinical Images

Featured Videos

Service and Support