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A single software solution for greater productivity

You rely on Carestream CR and DR systems for quality image capture. Now a single software platform powers them both. CARESTREAM DIRECTVIEW V5 DR and CR Software eliminates the need to learn and use multiple programs, and offers a broad range of options to add-on features to meet your specific needs.

  • Software Benefits
  • Options
  • Specialty Applications

Software Benefits


Complete the performance picture

Choose from diverse software options for your imaging needs:


Also available:


  • Remote Operations Panel
  • Remote Patient Data Entry
  • IHE Scheduled Workflow
  • DICOM Modality Worklist
  • Procedure Mapping
  • Auto-Correct for Image Display
  • Prior Image Review
  • Patient CDs
  • Advanced Trauma

*Consult with your sales representative for the standard and optional features for specific Carestream products.



  • IHE Dose Reporting
  • Grid Detection and Suppression
  • Pneumothorax Visualization
  • Low-Exposure Optimization
  • Black Surround

Specialty Applications

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CARESTREAM Extend Program
CARESTREAM Extend Program

Take your legacy DR and CR systems to a higher level with a CARESTREAM DIRECTVIEW CR and DR software upgrade.