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Consider the Benefits 
Leverage your current image capture hardware for even higher image quality, productivity and speed. The Extend Program offers:

  • Image quality enhancements
  • Faster more productive workflow
  • Compatibility with both CR and DR
  • Easy to use streamlined functionality

Complete Performance
Your healthcare facility is unique with its own set of imaging needs. Select from a menu of upgrade options for a custom mix of the tools you require, with no need to pay for those you don’t. Options include:

  • Long Length Imaging
  • Mammography
  • Pediatrics
  • Tube and Line Visualization
  • Plus many more

Loyalty Rewarded
Carestream and the environment thank you. Our trade-in program gives you a discount on the Extend Upgrade Program when you trade in your older PCs, monitors and remote operating  panels.

Keep your operation running at peak performance.

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