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Government Contract Solutions

We offer a full breadth of medical imaging and health IT solutions designed to help government providers increase the quality of care while reducing costs.

Digital Imaging

Our digital X-ray solutions include full-featured CR, DR  and the latest  CARESTREAM DRX family  of wireless DR products such as the DRX -Mobile Retrofit Kit   and  DRX-Evolution  system. These products are offered for sale to government agencies through a shared imaging agreement with the DSCP / VA – SPM2D1-09-D8308 / V797P-6021B.


We can meet all government institution PACS needs with modular system components including CARESTREAM PACS Workflow Manager, CARESTREAM PACS Client Suite, CARESTREAM PACS IS Link Software, CARESTREAM PACS Stand-alone Workstation, and more. These products are offered for sale to government agencies through the DIN-PACS II contract with DSCP – SPM200-05-D-8302.

Medical Film

For the gold standard in X-ray film technology, we offer our world-renowned medical imaging film solutions. These products are offered on the GSA authorized Federal Supply Schedule 65 V A - V797P-3128M.

Non-Destructive Testing

Our Non-Destructive Testing systems address the unique application needs of aerospace, petrochemical, and other industrial testing with innovative research, products and services. These products are offered on the GSA Federal Supply Schedule 67 – GS-02F-0079U.