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Carestream User Group Meeting ‘Excellent and Interactive’

HEMEL HEMPSTEAD, May 10 — Carestream recently held another highly successful PACS/RIS User Group Meeting at the MacDonald Manchester Hotel. 56 customers attended the two day event, which covered the Carestream Vue range and featured presentations from Carestream product specialists. Some customers also presented best practice sessions, covering their experiences working with systems from the Carestream Vue range.

Throughout the meeting there were seven extremely popular product masterclasses on the Carestream Vue family, including Clinical Collaboration, Vue Beyond, Vue Motion, My Vue, Lesion Management, 3D Reconstruction and Vue Reporting, where customers could address questions directly to Carestream technical and product specialists.

Feedback at the end of the two day sessions was extremely positive, with one attendee saying: ‘there was lots of really excellent information shared in lectures, which was all relevant to projects we will possibly be embarking on in future months’; another said: ‘I thought that all the workshops were really well run, interactive, and the presenters had a good approach and answered questions well’, while a third added: ‘it was excellent and included a lot of sharing of best practice ideas’. Picture caption: Attendees at the recent Carestream RIS/PACS User Group Meeting in Manchester

2016 User Group Meeting

Attendees at the recent Carestream RIS/PACS User Group Meeting in Manchester