Open Source for Carestream Health Medical Imaging Products

 ** All libraries were used without modification. **

Open Source for CARESTREAM DRX-Evolution
The DRX-Evolution system is created from many open-sourced software packages. Click here for a .PDF  detailing the packages used and their respective licences.  Several of the packages listed were modified to support unique elements of the DRX-System.

Open Source for CARESTREAM DRX-1 System

Application / Package Name  License  
The following packages were downloaded from
Linux Kernel GPL v2 
ELF Libraries   GPL v2 
Init  GPL v2
LIB_LIBSSL_FORCE  OpenSSL and SSLeay Free Redistribution License
NetFlash    GPL v2 
Inetd  GPL v2
Ping  UC Berkley Free Redistribution License       
Telnetd  UC Berkley Free Redistribution License
Net-Tools GPL v2 
Wireless Tools GPL v2 
SysUtils GPL v2 (or later) 
BusyBox GPL v2  
TinyLogin GPL v2 w/ Additional Free Distribution Enhance
RamImage GPL v2 
The following packages were downloaded from
MSP430 Replicator Texas Instruments Freeware