Image Acquisition
Gentle imaging solutions:

  • Small format DRX Plus 2530C Detector offers easy positioning in incubator trays. The cesium iodide design makes it dose sensitive.

    DRX Plus 2530C Brochure (PDF)

  • DRX-Evolution Plus and DRX-Ascend imaging rooms have removable grids, low absorption tables and wall stand Bucky covers. Filter wheels in the tube head provide additional x-ray filtration.

  • DRX-Revolution child-friendly graphics put pediatric patients at ease during portable x-ray procedures.
Image Processing

Giving you confidence at every step:

  • Pediatric Image Optimization & Enhancement Software automatically adjusts image-processing parameters for any one of the seven pediatric body-size categories.
Image Review

Find opportunities for continuous improvement in pediatric exams:

  • IEC Exposure Index
  • Deviation Index
  • Dose Reporting
  • CR/DR Total Quality Tool
  • Administrative Analysis & Reporting

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