The ultimate choice for enhanced visualization and easier detection

For a visible difference in your mammography images, count on MIN-R EV Film . Delivering higher contrast, sharper detail, and wider exposure latitude, it is the ultimate choice for enhanced visualization of breast tissue and easier detection of abnormalities. MIN-R EV Film works with EV Screens as a superior new screen-film system designed to deliver optimal results. Two technology advancements—visually adaptive contrast and a unique film emulsion layer structure—make the clinical improvements possible.

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Visually adaptive contrast 

  • Compensates for the human eye's inability to distinguish differences in density as an image gets darker using novel contrast-enhancing emulsion grains.
  • Maintains contrast as optical density increases.
  • Penetrates glandular tissue without losing contrast in fatty areas or breast periphery with mammography x-ray unit calibration or proper technique selection.
  • Breast anatomy (including abnormalities) are more visible.

Unique film emulsion layer structure 

  • Provides both high contrast and wide latitude.
  • Allows for better imaging of both the parenchyma and periphery, with one exposure.
  • Provides more efficient drying.

Finer grain

Slower film and faster screens as compared to the MIN-R 2000 Screen/Film System yield

  • Finer grain.
  • Lower granularity that reduces film noise.
  • Sharper detail to improve visualization of faint, small objects.

Greater "sparkle"
Unique emulsion grains produce a sharper toe which:

  • Yields whiter whites in glandular tissue for more detail.
  • Helps reveal faint, small objects (such as microcalcifications).
  • Provides high contrast in fatty tissue and breast periphery.




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