Compact, lightweight design makes the unit easy to move and store

Large, 19" LED monitor features high-resolution and high-quality color

Easy grip for one-hand positioning

Articulating monitor arm allows easy movement – including up and down, left and right, and tilt for optimal viewing

Additional endovaginal (EV) probe holder prevents accidental damage

Customized storage

Features an All-Touch control panel with etched-patterned primary controls and soft, configurable secondary controls – easy to update and clean

Control panel slides 10" (25.4 cm) left to right for positioning flexibility

Control panel swivels ±30º to position for optimal comfort

Swipe and Go badge log-on saves time and promotes secure access

Easy up/down lift to adjust height for your preferred position

3 wheel positions: locked, 4-wheel free, 2-wheel steer

Easy-to-move control panel provides clear access to transducer ports

Maximizes uptime with single-board design and field-replaceable modules

Transducers connect quickly and easily to any of four active ports

Smart Connect transducers interface directly to the processing board for lower noise and higher image quality. CPUs in each connector communicate with the system optimizing image performance

Powerful GPUs process ultrasound data for better spatial and contrast resolution, higher frame rate, and improved beam uniformity

One-Touch transducer activation eliminates keystrokes and provides faster access to imaging