Carestream  VXR Veterinary Radiological System


VXR Veterinary Radiological System*

An Imaging Solution with an Impressive Pedigree

The VXR System is an economical X-ray unit designed specifically for veterinary applications. The integrated system incorporates an exam table, column stand, X-ray generator, X-ray tube and control console in one unit. The VRX System accepts film, CR cassettes or DRX-Detectors. The system offers:

  • Float-top table with four-way motion
  • A compact, fixed-height column allowing quick positioning for all common views
  • Veterinary APRs along with additional accessories and options to support all veterinary needs
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Features and Specifications

Powerful Veterinary Software
  • Image Suite software offers an interface designed for the way vets work.
  • Order-entry screens have the fields you want and need, for selection of breed, species and more.
  • Input unique identifiers like tattoos and chip IDs.
  • Veterinary-specific reference images are provided to enable accurate positioning
  • Sample veterinary X-rays provide guides for enhanced image quality.
  • Customized animal-image-processing database fine-tunes processing parameters for specific species, body parts and views.
Provides a suite of specialized veterinary measurement tools:
  • Hip Dysplasia Measurement Tool
  • VD Thorax Measurement Tool
  • Vertebral Scale Measurement Tool
  • Tibial Tuberoses Advancement Measurement Tool
  • Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy Measurement Tool
  • Laminitis Measurement Tool