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Film Solutions for Radiology

X-SIGHT Film Systems 
Simply the best films for general radiography, X-SIGHT Films, when combined with X-SIGHT Screens, create the advanced X-SIGHT Imaging System—with zero-crossover film technology and a wide dynamic range to minimize image blur.

T-MAT RA Films 
T-MAT G/RA Film 
These green-sensitive films use T-grain film technology for excellent general radiography images. T-MAT G/RA is great for general radiography, and T-MAT L/RA provides low-contrast, wide latitude imaging. Use with LANEX Screens.

Medical X-ray Film/General Purpose/Blue/MXB and HBT Films  
X-OMAT BT and HBT blue-sensitive films are a result of Carestream Health’s continued investment in diagnostic film imaging. Use with blue/ultraviolet-emitting X-OMATIC screens.


LANEX Screens 
LANEX Screens, rare-earth screens for a range of general radiography applications, such as chest x-rays, tomography, and pediatric studies. Use with T-MAT/RA films

Radiology Cassettes
X-OMAT Cassette for General Radiography 
This reliable cassette is critical in achieving superb film radiographs, exam after exam, year after year. Precisely designed and engineered to guard against the loss of screen-film contact and light leaks that degrade image quality.

X-ray Processors
Medical X-ray Processor 2000 (PDF)
The MXP-2000 offers reliable automated processing at an affordable price with a streamlined design for ease-of-use and easy service maintenance.

Medical Film Processor (PDF)
This tabletop medical x-ray processor fits almost anywhere in your clinic, private practice or other health facility for excellent performance at an attractive price.



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Chemicals, Replenishers and Developers

Chemicals, developers and fixers for Carestream Medical Films