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Carestream Industrial Digital Radiography Training

We are pleased to offer specialized training programs designed to specifically meet the needs of industrial radiographers. Courses are designed to help students transition from film to digital radiography. We provide students with the understanding that they need to evaluate, qualify, and implement digital technologies into production environments. Students take daily quizzes and a final exam to reinforce learning. Students will operate laptop computers to learn software tools to assist in interpretation. Our classroom instruction meets SNT-TC-1A, NAS-410, and ASME training requirements. Upon completion of our courses, students obtain a level of understanding that allows them to confidently utilize digital imaging for radiographic non-destructive evaluation. Our instruction is routinely recognized as the best in the industry by our students! 

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Digital Industrial Radiography

Industrial Radiography Utilizing Digital Imaging

This course offers technical and practical training designed to meet industry’s demanding guidelines for digital radiography training and qualifica­tions.

  • 40 hours.
  • Qualifies for (10) points towards ASNT NDT Certification renewals.
  • Pre-requisite - RT Level I, II or III.
  • Classes given at our training facility in Rochester, NY.
  • The course provides classroom and hands-on laboratory time.
  • Copies of course materials and final certificate of completion provided.

Order number 1031640 (Rochester)
Order number 1066851 (Customer Site)