Congratulations to the person who guessed February's image correctly -- it was a light bulb! Below is the image for March's “Guess the X-ray".  Please leave your answer in either the comment section below or on our Facebook page. The challenge will run until March 31

Happy New Year! Hopefully everyone had a safe and exciting holiday break. Congratulations to the few people who guessed December's X-ray image- they were Michael Kors eyeglasses. Below is the original image. Let's get into the first image challenge of 2014! Please leave your guess in

Congratulations to the person who correctly identified July's X-ray image- it was a lighter! Here's the original image for a side-by-side comparison.     It's finally summertime! We're more than halfway through 2013 and it's time for yet another "Guess-the-X-Ray." Here's this month's image, please leave your answer