image of 2 radiologists reviewing results on monitor screen

Diagnostic Reading #16: Five “Must Read” Articles on Medical Imaging

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Tips for radiologists to improve communications and AI liability are in the news.

This week’s articles in Diagnostic Reading include: radiology and AI liability; helpful tips for radiologists to improve communication; imaging trends in Asia Pacific; promising research for earlier autism diagnosis via imaging; and ACR launches clinical imaging research registry.

Who will be liable in the coming AI age? 4 things for radiologists to know – Health Imaging

image of 2 radiologists reviewing results on monitor screen
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions are gaining steam across imaging practices and radiologists must familiarize themselves with the current legal landscape as the technology continues to evolve, according to an article published in Skeletal Radiology. Currently, there is little legal precedent involving medical imaging AI, and radiologists, their practices, and developers all face risks. This article outlines key tenets of AI liability as they relate to musculoskeletal imaging. Read about Carestream’s AI features for radiology that you can adopt today.

8 tips to improve radiologist communication – Diagnostic Imaging

As the push for radiologists to become more active members of the patient care team continues to gain strength, it is imperative to learn how to effectively communicate with referring providers as well as patients. In Academic Radiology, a team of experts provides tips for improving communication skills—valuable to both practicing providers and trainees—which should help even more as the healthcare climate tips further to value-based care. Read the blog by Brigham and Women’s Hospital on Radiology’s Role in the Patient Experience.

Medical imaging trends in Asia Pacific – Everything Rad

COVID-19 presented medical imaging professionals with many challenges – and some remain. Read the blog on the remaining impacts in Asia Pacific that include disruption to capital expenditures, infection control, new regulations , and a shift in the volume with different types of image exams.

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Scan a child’s brain, find autism – Health Management

Autism traditionally is diagnosed in early childhood based on a child’s ability to communicate and interact, yet there are no imaging or blood tests to verify these findings. However, researchers at University of Mary Washington in Virginia are developing an imaging analysis technique for the speedy diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders, focusing on the cerebellum and corpus callosum. If changes are detected in the functioning of these regions as well as the sizes of the neurons within these structures, it could indicate autism.

ACR launches National Clinical Imaging Research Registry – DOTmed HealthCare Business News

The American College of Radiology (ACR) has launched the ACR National Clinical Imaging Research Registry (ANCIRR), bringing together its world-class informatics and clinical research resources. The current and planned ANCIRR registries can collect and curate images and diverse clinical data from multiple practice settings to produce large data sets, which will enable researchers to address complex scientific questions and produce results applicable across various care settings, geographic locations and multiple populations. The newest of the six current ANCIRR registries—the COVID-19 Imaging Research Registry (CIRR)—is now live.



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