Patient laying down with Radiologist holding detector behind patient's head for X-Rray reading.

Diagnostic Reading #29: Five “Must Read” Articles on Medical Imaging

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COVID-19 updates and news from ECR 2020 make headlines.

This week’s articles in Diagnostic Reading include: AI performance improves with radiologist involvement; four takeaways to help radiology recover from the pandemic; recommendations to improve the ROI of imaging equipment; the importance of patient positioning; and startling neurological signs of COVID-19.

ECR 2020: Radiologists, data scientists needed for AI – AuntMinnie

Greater involvement by radiologists and more help from data scientists are needed to improve the performance of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and expand their use in clinical practice, said a leading expert at the European Congress of Radiology annual meeting (ECR 2020). The expert told ECR’s online registrants that interactive, continuously-learning models can help facilitate radiologist involvement. This approach will result in a personalized computer-aided tool in which machines and humans work together to develop lifelong, continuously adaptive systems, he added.

Patient laying down with Radiologist holding detector behind patient's head for X-Rray reading.
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4 take-home messages for returning to normalcy – Diagnostic Imaging

Despite escalating numbers of COVID-19 cases nationwide, radiology is steadily moving toward the normal resumption of imaging activities and groups that are further along can serve as a guide for those just beginning the process, according to a group of industry experts. This group outlined some of the primary themes of radiology’s COVID-19 recovery in a recent Journal of the American College of Radiology article, with four take-away messages about successful recovery.

X-ray equipment care and maintenance: 6 recommendations – Everything Rad

Proper care and maintenance of your X-ray equipment will help protect your financial investment and help you achieve optimal performance with your equipment. Read the blog to learn 6 recommendations to maximize the ROI of your imaging equipment and keep it in optimal operation, thus obtaining better diagnostic results. The recommendations are from an experienced service technician based on his 10 years of experience of servicing medical imaging equipment for Carestream customers.

Radiography: correct patient positioning is critical – Healthcare-in-Europe

An expert from the University of Malta defined challenges in correctly positioning patients who need musculoskeletal imaging. “A poor quality image does not provide adequate diagnostic information and may lead to a missed or incorrect diagnosis,” he explained. This article provides images and examples of patient positioning as well as a brief insight into the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in radiography today. Read the related blog on Image Capture Basics for Radiologic Technologists.

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Researchers outline neurological signs of COVID-19 – AuntMinnie

U.K. researchers are offering an outline of neurological manifestations of severe SARS-CoV-2 infection they hope will help their colleagues better recognize and treat COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus, according to a study published in Brain. The neurological complications of COVID-19 are becoming more obvious as the pandemic continues, and they consist of a startling range of conditions—including encephalopathy and stroke—according to the research team.

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