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Diagnostic Reading #19: Five “Must Read” Articles on Medical Imaging

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Ways to prepare for the ‘new normal’ in radiology makes headlines this week.

This week’s articles in Diagnostic Reading include: ACR guidance for resuming non-urgent radiology care; how to prepare for the “new normal” in radiology; imaging societies push for hazard pay; chest X-ray scoring system for COVID-19; and building trust in leadership from COVID-19 crisis.

New ACR guidance plan can help radiology facilities resume non-urgent care – Imaging Technology News

New American College of Radiology (ACR) guidelines can help radiology practices, as safely as possible, resume offering mammograms, oncologic and orthopaedic imaging, image-guided biopsies and other non-urgent care previously postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As coronavirus cases and deaths are declining in some areas, radiology practices in those regions are resuming such care. This ACR guidance—published in the Journal of the American College of Radiology (JACR)—helps practices make informed decisions on when, where and how to once again offer these non-emergency services.

20 ways to prepare for the ‘new normal’ in radiology – AuntMinnie

female radiologists reviewing scans on monitor
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As society faces a “new normal,” there will be changes that we have to either accept and adapt to or face the consequences—especially in radiology. With imaging volumes down by nearly 50% at many radiology sites and uncertainty about what will happen once the current restrictions are released, this article offers 20 steps to consider that may help radiologists embrace the new normal in a positive way.

Imaging societies push for passage, changes to bill that would grant radiologists hazard pay – Radiology Business

Several major imaging societies are pushing for the passage of proposed legislation that would grant radiologists and other front-line healthcare workers “hazard pay” during this and future public-health emergencies. Under the Hazard Pay for the Front Lines During Health Emergencies Act, radiologists, technologists and others would receive 25% in additional salary to help them sustain through the crisis, along with 100% guaranteed reimbursement for their expenses.

Chest X-ray scoring gains momentum in COVID-19 cases – AuntMinnie Europe

Investigators from Italy have revealed details of their chest X-ray scoring system for evaluating and tracking COVID-19 findings, published in La Radiologia Medica, which could make X-ray an even more useful tool in the stressful environment of COVID-19 care. Although chest X-ray isn’t as sensitive as CT for detecting lung involvement in early COVID-19, it can be a useful monitoring tool with a sound scoring framework.

4 steps toward building durable trust upon COVID transparency – Health Imaging

Leaders of academic medical departments could and should act now to turn the present public-health crisis into an opportunity for ensuring long-term team cohesion, suggest radiologist leaders in a case study published in the Journal of the American College of Radiology (JACR). This study on maximizing leadership’s transparency during the pandemic, and in the process, enlivening team members’ trust, stresses the essentiality of “bidirectional communication”—listening as well as speaking—and offers four guidelines for department-specific communications.

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