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Diagnostic Reading #42: Five “Must Read” Articles on Medical Imaging

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Headlines this week: new breast imaging technologies; signs of vaping-related lung injuries.

This week’s articles in Diagnostic Reading include: important information for radiologists regarding e-cigarettes; new breast imaging technologies for earlier cancer detection; survey results of health execs; advice to radiographers about raising their profile; and the costs and contributions of radiology residents.

What radiologists should know about vaping-related lung injuries – Health Imaging

With the recent e-cigarette health advisory from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and a New England Journal of Medicine study linking a cluster of respiratory illness cases identified on CT scans to e-cigarettes, a group of U.S. researchers analyzed literature on the topic and summarized imaging findings to help radiologists identify signs of vaping-related lung injuries. The results are published in the American Journal of Roentgenology, and this article includes patterns for radiologists to note.

Adopting new breast imaging technologies for earlier cancer detection – Everything Rad

Image of Radiologists talking to each other
Radiologists and medical imaging professionals, stay up to date on new developments with Diagnostic Reading.

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Everything Rad asked EWBC physician, Dr. Stamatia V. Destounis, MD, FACR, to share her insights on the current and future role of breast imaging technology for earlier cancer detection.

Survey: quality & outcomes improvement now more important to senior hospital execs than cost reduction – Healthcare Innovation

U.S. hospital and health system leaders now see improving patient outcomes is a higher priority than reducing costs, according to a recent survey. Results stated that, “While reducing costs is still a critical focus for health system leaders, patient outcomes has emerged as the top priority, with enhancing the patient experience and improving staff satisfaction also top of mind.” Read the blog on 3 Challenges in Medical Imaging Management.

Radiographers: don’t be the anonymous lead apron – AuntMinnie Europe

Radiographers must do more to get themselves known by attending a wide range of hospital meetings, using social media more effectively and taking other steps to raise their profile if they’re to avoid being the anonymous “lead apron” in the room, according to a webinar organized by the British Institute of Radiology (BIR). Radiography is sometimes the invisible profession, so newly qualified radiographers should engage on all levels, starting by getting to know other health professionals and not just sticking to radiographers. Read the blog on Building Trust Between the Patient and the Radiographer.

Researchers track the costs, contributions of radiology residents – Radiology Business

Patient care delivered by diagnostic radiology residents is associated with higher costs and slower turnaround times, according to recent findings published in Academic Radiology. However, residents can still make a positive impact by providing “correct and comprehensive” reports and timely after-hours care. The researchers aimed to better understand the costs associated with diagnostic radiology residents and their overall contributions to patient care.

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