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Diagnostic Reading #40: Five “Must Read” Articles on Medical Imaging

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Resources for radiology entrepreneurs; and study on AIO windows are in the news.

This week’s articles in Diagnostic Reading include: advice for innovators in radiology; a study on radiologist performance with AIO windows; NPPs rarely render diagnostic imaging services; some radiologists don’t participate in certification programs; and can AI fool a radiologist?

Transforming radiology: a roadmap for innovation and entrepreneurship – Diagnostic Imaging

Radiologists are in an exciting pioneering field. The possibilities for innovation within the field are near limitless. This article provides information and advice about product development, resources and processes for radiology entrepreneurs.

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image of 2 radiologists reviewing results on monitor screen
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Do ‘all-in-one’ windows impact radiologist performance? – Radiology Business

Reviewing chest CT examinations with an “all-in-one” (AIO) window does not have a negative impact on radiologist performance, according to findings published in Diagnostic and Interventional Imaging. Radiologist workloads and the total number of images they are asked to read on a daily basis are on the rise, according to the study’s authors. One potential way to help radiologists decrease reading times is using an AIO window that allows radiologists to visualize multiple conventional CT windows in a single window.   

Nurse practitioners, physician assistants rarely interpret diagnostic imaging studies – Imaging Technology News

Medicare claims data confirm the increasing role of nurse practitioners and physician assistants (NPPs) in imaging-guided procedures across the United States. However, a recently published article finds NPPs still rarely render diagnostic imaging services—other than in radiography and fluoroscopy—compared with the overall number of diagnostic imaging interpretations. While state-to-state variation exists in the rates in which NPPs render diagnostic imaging services, these rates are uniformly low likely due, in part, to unique state laws and regulations. 

Radiologists with lifetime certification aren’t participating in the ABR MOC program – Health Imaging

Radiologists with lifetime certification are more likely to forgo participation in American Board of Radiology (ABR) Maintenance of Certification (MOC) programs than those with time-limited certification, according to a study published in the American Journal of Roentgenology. In 2002, the ABR changed its policy so that all diagnostic radiologists had to participate in the MOC program to ensure their radiology certificates remained valid. Those who already held lifetime validation were exempt from participation, but were still encouraged to do so by the ABR. The researchers noted there was wide variation in participation from state to state.

Can an AI algorithm fool radiologists? – AuntMinnie Europe

A type of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm called a generative adversarial network (GAN) can learn to insert suspicious lesions into—or remove them from—mammograms, but the technology isn’t yet capable of fooling radiologists, according to research posted online in the European Journal of Radiology. The researchers stated that GANs could potentially be used as a cyberweapon in the future.

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