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Diagnostic Reading #27: Five “Must Read” Articles on HIT and Radiology

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Radiology AI apps from app stores and proposed payment cuts to radiology made headlines this week.

This week’s articles in Diagnostic Reading include: the healthcare industry needs more secure mobile apps; within the next five years, there will be a staggering number of new and useful AI apps for diagnostic imaging and they will be available from app stores; MedPAC proposes payment cuts to radiologists, other specialties; hybrid cardiac imaging may improve prediction of heart attack risk; and Cleveland Clinic puts EHR data onto iPhone with Apple Health Records.

Industry needs more secure mobile apps – Health Data Management

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AI apps, EHR data on iPhones, and other developments are summarized in Diagnostic Reading.

The AHA warns of risks as new forms of data sharing are developed—and the need for more secure mobile apps. The organization calls for a transition period that allows development of a secure app ecosystem and time for providers to develop competence in using and securing APIs. Commercial app companies generally are not HIPAA-covered entities. When information flows from a hospital’s information system to an app, it likely is no longer protected by HIPAA, the hospital association warns. Read the blog on Mobile Devices and Messaging Apps on the Rise in Radiology.

The Future of AI in Radiology:  There’s an App for That! – Everything Rad

Within the next five years, there will be a staggering number of new and useful apps for diagnostic imaging. Also, radiologists will consume them very differently – downloading a la carte algorithms for diagnostic imaging from “app store” platforms. What’s behind this fast-paced development? And what are the implications for radiology? Dr. Eliot Siegel answers these questions and more in his blog.

MedPAC proposes payment cuts to radiology, other specialties – Radiology Business

The Medicare Payment Advisory Commission has proposed making payment cuts to numerous specialties—including radiology—to “rebalance” the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule. The proposal involves increasing payment rates for ambulatory E&M services—including office visits and hospital outpatient department visits—and reducing payment rates for services such as medical imaging, procedures, and tests. The payment rate for diagnostic radiology would be reduced by approximately 3.8 percent.

Hybrid cardiac imaging may improve prediction of heart attack risk – Health Imaging

For patients evaluated for coronary artery disease, research published in Radiology suggests that cardiac hybrid imaging with CT imaging and nuclear stress testing may be an effective predictor of heart attack risk and other adverse cardiac events. The findings may improve determining stenosis more precisely than standard invasive coronary angiography techniques.

Cleveland Clinic puts EHR data onto iPhone with Apple Health Records – Healthcare IT News

Patients at the Cleveland Clinic can now access their personal health data on their iPhones. This, together with Cleveland Clinic’s version of a MyChart app, offers patients more comprehensive mobile access to their own health data and a way to manage appointments, message their physicians, and other features as well as storing personal health information including allergies, conditions, immunizations, labs, medications, and procedures.

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