Diagnostic Reading #25: Five “Must Read” Articles on HIT and Radiology

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Social media, messaging apps, and meditation in radiology are in the news.

This week’s articles in Diagnostic Reading include: radiologists find 13-button mouse helpful; secure texting gains traction; next-gen revenue cycle to refine value-based care with AI, advanced analytics; a radiologist practices mindfulness mediation to stay focused on diagnostic reading; and social media searches play a significant role in patients’ research about healthcare facilities.

Radiologists find 13-button mouse useful for everyday tasks – Health Imaging

Radiologists are completing more exams with fewer resources thanks in part to a programmable 13-button mouse. After two days, radiologists who tested the new mouse preferred it over the conventional three-button variety, according to a study published in the Journal of Digital Imaging. Radiologists reported the non-conventional mouse was more efficient and required less effort for viewing images.

Hospitals investing big in clinical communications as secure texting gains traction – Healthcare IT News

Nearly all hospitals – 96 percent of them – are either budgeting for or already investing in comprehensive clinical communication platforms this year, according to a new report. C-suite IT decision-makers and frontline clinicians are united in their agreement that smart use of mobile devices makes for better patient safety and improved outcomes (90 and 94 percent of survey respondents, respectively) and the new study shows secure texting is rapidly becoming the tool of choice for hospitals and practices.   Read the related article on Mobile Devices and Messaging Apps on the Rise in Radiology.

Next-gen revenue cycle to refine value-based care with AI, advanced analytics – Healthcare IT News

Hospitals will be closely tracking the margins for ancillary services and analytics may pinpoint opportunities for additional profit, as well as which value-based contracts will offer the best return. Understanding a patient population beyond just a patient’s diagnosis allows practices to focus objectives for care where they can do the most good and opt into financially beneficial programs with incentives that align with their population.

Silencing Distractions in Radiology through Mindfulness Meditation – Everything Rad

Focus and precision are central to accurate diagnostic readings. But how can radiologists maintain these essential qualities amidst the growing volume of readings and interruptions?

A practicing radiologist at Milton S. Hershey Medical Center explains how mindfulness meditation helps him stay focused on diagnostic reading. Read his blog today!

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: How to showcase your imaging program on social media

In an increasingly consumer-driven health care environment, online searches play a significant role in patient research. According to Google’s extensive study of online consumer patterns, 52% of patients use health information sites, 26% read online consumer reviews, and 83% consult hospital websites.

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