Diagnostic Reading #34: Five “Must Read” Articles on HIT and Radiology

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Articles include ways to increase patient satisfaction; and proper positioning can reduce radiologists’ injuries.

This week’s articles in our Diagnostic Reading summary include: radiologists’ views of the imaging IT market today and where it’s headed; results of a recent study exploring CT exams and meningioma; how hospital administrators can increase patient satisfaction; advice on how to reduce work-related injuries for radiographers; and how to engage employees in cybersecurity training so they will practice what they learn.

Is enterprise imaging on a slow road to mediocrity?  – AuntMinnie.com

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The imaging IT market is in a state of uncertainty and change as it slowly travels the path toward enterprise imaging. Previously clear definitions for PACS and RIS have blurred, and healthcare providers have struggled to keep up. However, recent research on the imaging IT and archiving and management IT software market gives a look at where we’re headed.

CT exams of the head do not increase risk of meningioma – Radiology Business

Among patients exposed to CT examinations of the head, researchers found “no significant increase in risk” of meningioma, according to a new study published in Radiology. The study’s authors wrote that because meningioma is the most common brain tumor and CT of the head is one of the most common CT examinations, investigation of meningiomas may be useful to assess tumor risk from CT exams. However, the study found no significantly increased risk of meningioma once referral notes and radiologic data had been taken into account.

Infographic: How engaged healthcare employees cultivate a positive patient experience – Healthcare Intelligence Network

All staff members with whom patients come into contact must be aligned in their commitment to patients’ comfort, care, and peace of mind. According to a new infographic by WorkStride, hospital administrators can increase patient satisfaction in their facility by establishing core values and behavior standards of engaged employees and recognizing those who embody them.

How to reduce radiographers’ aches and pains – AuntMinnieEurope.com

According to a recent study published in Insights into Imaging, Portuguese researchers have concluded that correct positioning is vital to reducing work-related musculoskeletal disorders when performing mammograms. The study simulated radiographers’ postures when positioning patients for a mammogram and found alternative postures, such as sitting, could potentially reduce work-related injuries.

Make the training stick: How to engage users in cybersecurity practices – Healthcare IT News

Even though employees might attend cyber security training programs, many do not apply what they have learned, according to a chief information security officer at a healthcare organization in Illinois. Suggestions that might improve the success of training—and help employees retain and utilize that information when they go back to their jobs—include making the security training personal and fun.

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