Diagnostic Reading #23: Five “Must Read” Articles on HIT and Radiology

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News from SIIM17; and multi-media reports a missed opportunity.

This week’s articles include: AI expected to expand today’s decision-making capabilities for imaging modalities; it’s important to educate patient’s about the role radiologists play in diagnosis; radiology reports need to include multi-media enhanced reporting; radiologists who use chest radiographs to diagnose COPD create false positive results; and a cardiovascular MR scan is a cost-effective way to scan large volumes of patients with a wide range of suspected heart conditions.

SIIM: AI poised to enhance all aspects of radiology – Auntminnie

Artificial intelligence (AI) will persistently and pervasively enhance all aspects of radiology, enabling precision medicine and potentially even finding disease before it becomes symptomatic, according to Dr. Keith Dreyer who spoke at the SIIM annual meeting. He adds that AI will expand today’s decision-making capabilities for both current and new imaging modalities, leading to greater detection and treatment of disease.

Education enlightens patients to radiologist’s role – Auntminnie

When it comes to educating patients about the daily duties of a radiologist, a few simple teaching tools can go a long way in clearing misconceptions about the profession and its contribution to everyday healthcare, according to a study presented at the ACR meeting.

Substance with style – Radiology Today

Despite advances in imaging technology over the last century, radiology reports are still largely words only. Speech recognition software was a major improvement but Dr. Cree Gaskin of UVA believes radiologists are missing a tremendous opportunity if they don’t embrace multi-media enhanced reporting as gastroenterology and ophthalmology specialists have. Interactive multimedia reports include text and key images, quantitative information in the form of tables and graphs, interactive features including hyperlinks to key regions of interest on specific images, and bookmarks that take users directly to relevant prior images.

Ditch X-ray to diagnose COPD, study finds – Auntminnie Europe

In the quest to diagnose mild-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), radiologists often use chest radiographs, but Dutch researchers involved in a new study advise that they shouldn’t do so because it results in substantial overdiagnosis. The study raised awareness of the challenges of diagnosing COPD based on a chest radiograph.

Fast cardiac MR scan can boost patient care – Auntminnie Europe

A fast and relatively cheap cardiovascular MR (CMR) scan is a cost-effective way to scan large volumes of patients with a wide range of suspected heart conditions, according to a EuroCMR presentation. CMR performed with the ultrafast protocol not only changed clinical management in one-third of patients, it revealed a new, unsuspected diagnosis in 20% of them. For another one-third of patients no additional cardiac testing of any kind was needed.

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