Diagnostic Reading #2: Five “Must Read” Articles on HIT and Radiology

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In the news: ‘radiologist’ a top career; healthcare created most jobs in 2016.

Diagnostic Reading summary includes: ‘radiologist” landed at No. 45 on CNN’s list of the top 100 careers; many YouTube videos designed to educate patients don’t address important quality and safety concerns; radiology journals have limited articles on patient-centered care; tort reform might reduce defensive imaging; and healthcare created more jobs than any other industry in 2016.

CNN: ‘Radiologist’ among best jobs in U.S. – Auntminnie

What’s so great about being a radiologist? The career scored “A” grades in three of the four categories CNN used to rate careers: personal satisfaction, benefit to society, and telecommuting. It scored a “B” grade under the “low stress” category. Those factors earned “radiologist” the No. 45 spot on CNN’s list of the top 100 careers in the country.

How well is radiology using YouTube to educate patients? – Auntminnie

image of radiograph

Imaging facilities have found YouTube to be a useful social media platform for educating patients about radiology procedures they are about to undergo. A new study published in the JACR reports all of the videos the team studied showed a patient undergoing the exam. Researchers reported the videos did a reasonably good job presenting content related to the patient experience but did not address important topics such as quality and safety concerns.

Radiology journal publications have limited articles on patient-centered care – Radiology Business

A new study published in the JACR found an increase in total articles focused on patient-centered care in radiology, but the number of journals focused on the subject remains limited. Since 2000, only four radiology journals have published about 40 original research articles on patient-centered care in radiology. The most common themes of those articles were optimization of patients’ access to reports and images, patients’ experience in undergoing the examination, image evaluation, and radiologists meeting with patients.

Tort reform might reduce defensive imaging – Radiology Business

Researchers found decreasing imaging utilization in states with stronger physician protection from malpractice suits, according to a study published in the Journal of the ACR. Many believe physicians are too vulnerable to malpractice lawsuits, resulting in defensive imaging studies that can cost up to $45 billion every year in the U.S. Several states have implemented tort reform to limit doctor liability and the incoming presidential administration seems inclined to nudge states further in that direction.

Healthcare drives yearly job growth – Modern Healthcare

Healthcare created more jobs than any other sector in 2016, helping to drive total annual job growth to 2.2 million, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In December alone, healthcare added 43,200 jobs. Year over year, healthcare added 406,600 jobs. The industry accounted for 15.8 million jobs at the end of the December.

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