Join the Carestream health IT forum. Everyone has social networks; some online and others offline. These social networks are built around interpersonal relationships among friends, family and acquaintances. In contrast, the foundation of online communities is mutual interests rather than personal relationships. In healthcare IT, the common

L’application d’algorithmes va faire progresser les soins de santé préventifs. Arrêtez-vous un instant et prenez le temps d’observer les images que les radiologues sont en train de consulter. Elles pourraient bien disparaître complètement. Dans un avenir proche, il se peut que les radiologues analysent des “nombres” plutôt

The application of algorithms will advance preventative healthcare. Radiologists, stop and savor the images you are reading. They might disappear from view. In the not-so-distant future, radiologists might analyze ‘numbers’ rather than images. This radical change has the potential to change not only the role of radiologists,

Integrating clinical information supports the needs of the community. Baystate Health is an integrated delivery network (IDN) that includes five hospitals and more than 90 primary and specialty care practices serving a region of western Massachusetts with 800,000 residents. We know that patients who are coming

HealthIT is improving care; expectations for radiology reports are increasing. This week’s articles include: executives support for health IT technology; need for improvements in radiology reporting; a Gallup survey shows healthcare costs are greatest concern for many Americans; two-thirds of healthcare organizations believe personalized medicine is