Van Damme vs. Bones: The Epic Splits

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Heidi McIntosh, Marketing Manager, X-ray Solutions, Carestream

Heidi McIntosh, Marketing Manager, X-ray Solutions, Carestream

If you haven’t seen the Jean-Claude Van Damme Epic Split video by now, allow us to introduce you. Back in November, Volvo released a video featuring Van Damme atop two reversing trucks to demonstrate Volvo Dynamic Steering. The stunt was performed in one take and went viral quickly. What’s equally impressive is that the video racked up over 64 million views in just over a month. It’s kind of something you have to see to believe.




We thought it’d be fun to demonstrate the precision and directional stability of our DRX-Revolution mobile X-ray system in a similar manner, but on a much smaller scale. Our video features “Bones” performing an epic split between two reversing DRX-Revolutions. Without the fully automatic collapsible column, mobility wouldn’t be such a breeze. Check out our version below and let us know what you think!




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