[caption id="attachment_2705" align="alignleft" width="129"] Hugues Trousseau, Marketing Manager, France & Belgium, Carestream[/caption] “Cloud” was the buzz of last week’s HIT Paris 2012. And show-goers found particular interest in Carestream’s Vue Cloud services. We demonstrated seamless access to patient data and integrated workflow across the continuum of care

[caption id="attachment_1053" align="alignleft" width="134"] Diana L. Nole, President, Digital Medical Solutions, Carestream[/caption] Our mobile devices are communications command centers – both for business and for personal use. So it’s no surprise that mobile applications are entering the healthcare space. A discussion that explores new mobile apps for

[caption id="attachment_2659" align="alignleft" width="122"] Helen Titus, Marketing Director, Digital Capture Solutions, Carestream[/caption] Creating exposure ranges for pediatric patients is an important goal—with action taking place on several fronts. Researchers from six children's hospitals in the U.S.are collaborating to build the first pediatric CT dose index registry.

[caption id="attachment_2181" align="alignleft" width="123"] Cristine Kao, Global Marketing Manager, Healthcare IT, Carestream[/caption] Last May I was interviewed by Imaging Economics for a story about healthcare trends driving “The Cloud’s Clout” and its application in diagnostic imaging. A year later and many of the issues challenging providers

[caption id="attachment_745" align="alignleft" width="184"] Anne Richards, Clinical Development Manager, Women’s Healthcare, Carestream[/caption] Q: Are you seeing more young radiologists going into mammography services?  A: At mammography conferences and continuing education courses around the world, I’ve been seeing younger participants than in the past. In fact, I'd say