Customer spotlight: Penn. medical center uses wireless detector to upgrade one room while building a new one

Reading Time: 1 minute read

“So far we have had the DRX-1 up and running since March—to prepare for renovations on a room we were going to replace with the new Carestream DRX-Evolution room. The idea was to step up our turnaround time for patients while we were remodeling. The technologists are really happy with the DRX-1 product—they love it, which is great—and I told them—just wait till you get the new room in, because you’re really going to like that!”

If you were going to remodel an old X-ray room, how would you increase throughput to avoid increasing patient wait time?

Editor’s Note: This is the first in a series of interviews with Robin Wible, Director of Radiology at Memorial Hospital (York, PA), who recently completed the purchase and installation of a CARESTREAM DRX-1.


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