Remember this image? No one actually guessed it—the answer is below

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You may recall last month’s Image Challenge contest, in which the adjacent image was posed to Everything Rad readers to test your X-ray mettle.

We had lots of clever guesses, but no winner. But because we’re so happy that we had lots of

Nobody guessed right!

entries, we’re sending Everything Rad mugs to all entries anyway. We’ll be in touch shortly to make sure we have snail mail addresses for all of you (you know who you are). Meanwhile, watch for our next “What is it?” image contest coming soon. This next one is even tougher!

It’s not an alarm clock!
It’s not a night safe!
It’s not an engine!
It’s not a projector!
It’s not an incubator!
It’s not a radio!

It is a (Kodak) film camera!


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