Convert portable X-ray exams to DR, FAST!!!

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Nowhere is the processing of CR cassettes more inconvenient than in a portable environment.

So if hospitals had the ability to quickly and easily convert their existing mobile x-ray systems to DR, would they take it?  Indeed they would, according to healthcare providers who are eagerly waiting for commercial availability of a new retrofit kit that equips popular portable systems to use the wireless, cassette-sized Carestream DRX-1 detector for instant, high-quality DR images.

The DRX-Mobile retrofitted with a Siemens Mobilett

With the DRX-Mobile Retrofit Kit, images captured at the point of care are available in seconds and can be forwarded to multiple network destinations via wireless communications or cable plug-in, so clinicians can make a rapid diagnosis and begin immediate treatment.

This new technology also improves patient positioning and comfort by eliminating cables and tethers typically required by most DR-based systems. This makes it ideal for confined spaces, remote locations and imaging of patients with limited mobility in addition to emergency rooms, operating rooms and the ICU.

The flexibility of the DRX detector is unprecedented and now it adds another notch in its belt. Facilities that have already implemented a DRX-1 System or a DRX-Evolution suite can use one of their existing detectors for portable exams. Finally, there’s a fast and affordable way to convert portable exams to DR.

Is your facility experiencing higher volumes for portable exams in any area—ER, OR, ICU and inpatients—and if so, what is driving that growth?

– Eileen Heizyk, Digital Capture Solutions, Carestream Health

Editor’s Note: For complete details and a list of portable x-ray systems compatible with the DRX-Mobile Retrofit Kit, please click here. To watch a demonstration video, click here.


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