White Paper: DRX Plus Detectors – Going from Good to Great

Carestream’s introduction in 2009 of the world’s first portable, wireless, cassette-sized detector – the CARESTREAM DRX-1 Detector – has fundamentally changed the digital radiography market with a versatile and cost-effective imaging solution. Now available, the third-generation design: the CARESTREAM DRX Plus Detector takes DR to a new level.

This white paper, “DRX Plus Detectors: Going from Good to Great,” was authored by Karin Töpfer, imaging physicist in Carestream’s Research and Innovation Laboratories, and Tim Wojcik, program leader for radiographic image capture in Carestream’s Research and Innovation Laboratories. It describes many of the features and benefits of the DRX Plus at a detailed level to demonstrate that the DRX Plus takes digital radiography with portable wireless detectors from good to great.

Carestream pioneered the concept of portable, wireless, cassette-sized DR detectors and this leadership position allowed the company to witness the benefits of the original DRX-1 while learning about opportunities to improve. The DRX Plus represents Carestream’s 3rd generation detector design, reflecting the integration of its knowledge and experience in the market.

You can click the image below to read or download the white paper, “DRX Plus Detectors: Going from Good to Great.”

Carestream DRX Plus Detector White Paper