RP X-OMAT LO Fixer and Replenisher

Versatile Diagnostic Film Fixer Features Low Odor and High Performance 
RP X-OMAT LO fixer and replenisher is formulated to enhance your working environment, image quality, and bottom line. Suitable for standard, rapid, extended, and manual processing, this versatile fixer is recommended for all Carestream diagnostic films, and other manufacturers' films.  Reduced odor, replenishment and environmental impact are among its perks.

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RP X-OMAT LO fixer and replenisher features:

Reduced odor - A special formulation reduces emissions of odor-causing acetic acid and sulfur dioxide to significantly improve processing, mixing, and storage environments.

High-quality images RP X-OMAT LO fixer and replenisher is optimized for high image quality. When used with Carestream films, it yields a blue image tone for improved contrast perception and reduced eye fatigue. Low retention of hypo and unexposed silver produce excellent image-keeping.

Reduced artifacts Fewer artifacts further enhance image quality and reduce the need for costly, time-consuming re-examinations.

Reduced replenishment— up to 50% Using a variety of in-line recirculating silver-recovery equipment, RP X-OMAT LO fixer and replenisher cuts replenishment rate by 50 % for both lower chemistry and disposal costs and reduced environmental impact.

Lower maintenance An anti-crystallization formula produces a clean-running solution that minimizes buildup on fixer racks and tanks—for reduced maintenance.


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