CARESTREAM Integration Services

Provide efficient access to patient images and information by integrating your PACS, RIS, and modalities with our Healthcare Integration Services. Synchronize patient information and schedules, and automate image capture, storage, and distribution. Link your PACS with an enterprise RAID or Storage Area Network (SAN) for greater productivity through convenient image retrieval and distribution. Efficiently and effectively satisfy the archiving needs of your entire healthcare organization, while reducing capital investment, operating and maintenance costs.

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PACS-RIS integration:

  • Any-time access to images and reports to help radiologists, radiology administrators, and radiographers improve services and productivity
  • Distribution of images and information to referring physicians using Web-based distribution
  • Automatic delivery of current and prior reports from RIS to diagnostic or clinical PACS workstations
  • Seamless, automated workflow between RIS, modalities, PACS, and dictation systems to eliminate duplicate data entry, reduce errors, and shorten cycle times
  • Reconciliation of patient data between PACS and RIS databases to keep information up to date and consistent
  • Access to images and reports from other applications using our Alternate Navigation capability
  • Ability to populate modality work lists directly from your RIS to reduce patient data entry time and errors

PACS-RAID integration:

  • Improve performance for image and information query, fetching, backup, and recovery
  • Leverage capability from a RAID purchased for a prior system or for multiple applications
  • Enable effective communications between Carestream Health archive managers, Web software, and non-Carestream Health RAIDs
  • Provide reliable transfer of images and information in the correct format with no data loss