Eclipse with AI

Eclipse powers a variety of image processing features. Click on each of the above tabs for image compares and see the remarkable difference in the original image once our image processing feature is applied.

Intelligence in Action

Intelligence in Action.

Our Eclipse Engine Applies AI for Dramatic Real-World Benefits.

Artificial Intelligence is no longer an abstract promise. The Eclipse Engine puts AI into indisputable action - driving concrete, measurable results through Imaging Intelligence, Workflow Intelligence and Analytics Intelligence.

Imaging Intelligence

Imaging Intelligence.

Eclipse Imaging Intelligence capabilities offer robust processing and images of optimal quality — while reducing quality errors and increasing dose efficiency.

  • Delivers superb image quality and unrivaled diagnostic confidence with AI, proprietary algorithms and advanced image-processing capabilities.
  • Offers image processing options that allows users facilities to control settings and make adjustments — including personal preferences, getting the precise “look” they prefer.
  • Provides options that offer companion views to reduce the number of exposures needed and provide a clearer view of area of interest.

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