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Travel Requirements for Carestream Non-employees

When Carestream Health Inc. reimburses a non-employee for actual travel expenses, the non-employee must use Carestream’s corporate travel program.

Supplier Manual

We are committed to partnering with our suppliers to provide customers with the best possible source of supply for goods and services. Here you will find the most current information on our global strategies, policies, procedures, and contacts from across the world.

The purpose of this manual is to define the requirements for doing business with Carestream Health Inc. and to outline processes used to ensure our supply base is continually improving to provide Carestream the lowest cost, top level service, highest quality products and exceptional delivery performance.

This manual applies to all Suppliers of materials and services to Carestream on a worldwide basis.

Business Conduct

We at Carestream Health, Inc. appreciate and value your continued support of our business throughout the year, as well as the cooperative spirit between our companies. Relationships with our suppliers must be based on quality and dependability of goods and services purchased, fair pricing and prompt delivery, and a commitment to conduct business in an ethical manner. The result ensures fair and impartial dealings with our suppliers and best value to our customers.

The holiday season often prompts some suppliers to express their goodwill by offering gifts to our employees. To avoid any possibility of misunderstanding, embarrassment, or perception of favoritism, it is appropriate to remind you Carestream Health's policies do not permit our employees to accept gifts of gratuities in any form, from any supplier, for themselves or their families.

Carestream Health, Inc. believes in maintaining the highest standards of business conduct; I know you also share this goal.

Carestream Supplier Code of Conduct

Suppliers play a vital role in Carestream’s success and sustainability.  The selection of raw materials, the mixing of chemical solutions, the fabrication of components, the assembly of finished goods, and the packaging prior to delivery are all examples of supplier activities that support material flowing to Carestream.  It is important that these upstream activities are conducted in a manner that protects the environment, preserves human rights, and is consistent with ethical business practices.  Carestream and its customers expect nothing less.

Carestream believes that adhering to a Supplier Code of Conduct is one way to achieve these expectations while avoiding increased cost and potential product disruptions.

Carestream has adopted the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition® (EICC®) Code of Conduct as expectations for its suppliers.  This Code (Version 5.1, 2016) has been adopted in its entirety as described in the document link below. Although this Code was created for use in the electronics industry, it is to be applied to all Carestream suppliers as well.

Carestream’s Supplier Code of Conduct is aligned with and is complimentary to other company documents and procedures including Carestream’s

  • Environmental, Health and Safety Policy
  • Business Conduct Guide
  • Corporate Purchasing Policy
  • Supplier Quality Process

There are several key elements of the Supplier Code of Conduct from which Carestream has already assessed its supply base and will continue to assess new suppliers.  Links to these key elements are provided below.

Includes declarations for packaging compliance, battery compliance and restricted material compliance (e.g., European RoHS)

Includes declaration for certain minerals (tin, tantalum, titanium, gold) from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and adjoining countries. Suppliers are to complete the Declaration (in English) and return to Carestream using the following mailbox:

Payment Methods

Paper check

A paper check is mailed to the vendor's remittance address. A remittance advice is included with the check. This is a statement that lists each invoice number, date, and amount that is being paid on that check.

Electronic Funds Transfer

EFT transfers the funds directly to the vendor's checking account. Only those vendors who are paid in US $ to a US bank are eligible for EFT.

To be set up for EFT, the vendor must complete an EFT Enrollment form to provide all of the necessary bank information. A pre-note, or penny test is performed prior to turning on EFT to ensure the set up was accurate and transmission was successful.

Carestream Health, Inc. sends all invoice detail information in the transmission to the bank and does not send a separate remittance advice to the vendor. The bank must provide the remittance advice to the vendor.

Wire Transfer

Wire Transfer is for payments to foreign vendors who are being paid in foreign currency or to a foreign bank. The bank information must be provided to the buyer who will forward to the appropriate group for set up. A separate remittance advice is sent via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to the bank.


What does an Invoice Need to Include?

An invoice number

This number will then be referenced on the check (or electronic record) when issued to help the Vendor apply the cash to the correct item on their Accounts Receivable ledger.

An invoice date

This date is used by Carestream Health, start the payment cycle. The check will be issued and mailed 5 days prior to the date the invoice is due for payment according to the terms indicated on the Carestream Health, Inc.purchase order. This will enable the check to arrive at the Vendor's remittance address on the due date.

The dollar amount that Carestream Health, Inc. owes to the vendor

This should be broken down into product/service total, taxes (when applicable) and freight (when applicable). These items need to match the same units of measures and prices listed on the purchase order issued by Carestream Health, Inc.. Any discrepancies need to be communicated to the person issuing the purchase order before the invoice is issued, otherwise, payment will be delayed.

Itemization of each item

Each invoice should be itemized to show the date on which the shipment was made or the date the service was performed. This should include the quantity and the unit price agreed upon by Carestream Health, Inc.

Type of currency, if other than USD

If the invoice is to be paid in currency other than USD, it must be printed on the face of the invoice.

Purchase order number

The Carestream Health, Inc.purchase order number must be contained in its entirety on the face of the invoice otherwise payment may be delayed.

Remittance address

The address where the payment should be sent.